13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips & TricksSorry, there is no magic pill and no magic weight loss fairy that will help you lose weight over night(if someone tells you that do # 13). It takes time and a little bit of effort on your part.

Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

Here are a 13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips & Tricks to help you out on your journey! Just Do It- Get out of your normal routines and just do it!

  1. Be +– Positive happy thoughts lead to GREAT results. Negative unhappy thoughts lead you into a downward spiral to nowhere.
  2. Bottoms Up– Stop drinking all that pop/soda and switch to just water. You can even Jazz Up You Water too!
  3. Eat More Protein– Eating protein helps retain and build lean muscle and burns fat. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and helps you from getting hungry.
  4. It’s a Secret– Keep a journal and write down everything that you eat, what exercises you did and how you felt.
  5. Super Size That– Over the last decade our portion sizes have grown as big as our waist lines have. Don’t always feel obligated to eat everything on your plate. Leaving a little extra will help to teach you self-control. If your sure about your portion sizes feel free to drop me a line.
  6. Small Changes Big Results– Making small changes until they just become habits and then change something else. You will be so much more likely to achieve your goals than it you dive in head first. Baby steps!
  7. Exercise– Find something that you love to do and JUST DO IT! 🙂
    What’s Your Excuse- Stop making excuses. This might be why you aren’t achieving your goals. Once you stop with the excuses like “I just don’t have the time,” you will spend less time making excuses and more time reaching your goals!
  8. 1-2-3-4-5– Keep track of your calories. There are many great apps to help you count your calories like MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, fatsecret, and many others.
  9. No Diets Here– Don’t think of it as a short-term thing, think of it as your new way of living. Lets face it, how did you get to this point? Do you want to have to repeat this process again? I hope not. Think of your self as a caterpillar going through metamorphosis and once you become that beautiful butterfly, you need to maintain its beauty.
  10. Sleep – Make sure you are getting about 8 hours of good quality ZZZZZZZs a night. Your body needs time to rest, relax and restore its self. The less sleep you get, the MORE stressed you will have and thus resulting in little or no weight loss.
  11. Schools Out!! NOT- DO your research and educate yourself. Just because someone says this is the best thing for weight loss, just might not be the right thing for you and your body. Before you jump into something do your homework!
  12. ME, ME, ME– Do it for you and no one else. If someone wants you to lose weight, don’t do it. Plain and simple if you don’t want it, it ain’t gonna happen.
  13. Never Give Up– This is a journey to become the healthiest you that you can be. Yes, there will be stumbling stones, but pick yourself back up and wipe away the dirt, because YOU CAN DO THIS!!


I hope these little tips will help you out. I practice each and every one of these daily. Put just one of these into affect this week and slowly add in another until you become a pro! I believe in YOU!